P3's From a Contractors Perspective - Will They be Part of Trump's Infrastructure Plan ?

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Many State governments have embraced P3’s financing to help pay for new projects and is becoming a new revenue source for Contractors. - This session will explain how P3’s work from inception to owning and operating a completed project. - Surety is also unique in P3’s and will be addressed from a Contractor’s perspective. - The unique legal structure of P3’s can put undue burden on a Contractor – solutions and tools that help Contractors manage and/or transfer some of their risk will be explored. - The unique Accounting for P3’s on the Concession books will be addressed. - Also the unique Accounting requirements when the Contractor also has an owner interest in the Concession will be addressed. - Clarifying Myths about P3’s - Share lessons learned from recent pursuits

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Friday, December 8, 2017 - 10:25am11:40am