Mitch Roschelle

Partner & Business Development Leader | PwC

Mitch is a Partner at PwC, and currently serves as one of the firm’s
Business Development Leaders. He was a founder of PwC’s Real
Estate Advisory practice, and has over 35 years of experience
serving a wide array of real estate investors, foreign and domestic.
Mitch is a widely-recognized commentator on real estate, housing,
business trends, capital markets, the retail industry and the
economy. He is a frequent public speaker, and a regular guest and
panel member on Fox Business Network, and Bloomberg TV and
Radio. He is the co-publisher of Emerging Trends in Real Estate,
a widely-circualted global annual market forecast.
An active proponent of corporate social responsibility, Mitch serves
as a trustee of the PwC Charitable Foundation, where he leads its
grant-making efforts in youth education and financial literacy.
Additionally, Mitch is a member of the Board of Directors of
He resides in Armonk, New York, with his wife Debbie and their
college-age twin sons, and their golden retriever Charlie.


An in depth discussion on the trends that will impact and influence real estate investment, development, and management decisions in the year ahead and beyond. Mitch Roschelle a PwC Partner and More