Robert Biehl

Director of Construction Industry Services, GBQ Partners LLC

Bob Biehl, CPA & CCIFP is the Director of Construction Industry Services at GBQ Partners, LLC in Columbus, Ohio, where he began his career 31 years ago after receiving a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University. Bob is a frequent speaker at the AICPA, CFMA & CICPAC National Construction Conferences. Bob serves over 50 construction clients and is active in over 8 construction trade associations including CFMA and CICPAC. Bob is the a Past Chair of the ICCIFP. Bob has served on the following CFMA national committees: The Executive Committee; Leadership Committee; and Chapter Resource Committee and the following CICPAC national committees: The Executive Committee; Newsletter Committee and Education Committee. In addition, Bob is a past Co-Chair of BDO Seidman’s Construction Accounting Network. and of CICPAC.


This is a comprehensive session on indirect costs and equipment allocations and practical ways to account for these type of costs. Learning Objectives:
1. The importance of planning, More